Staff Direct, LLC

Staff Direct, LLC

Payrolling with Staff Direct, LLC = Reduce Costs and Mitigate Risk

Are you using your temp provider for payrolling contingent, part-time, seasonal workers?

Are you hiring these same positions directly to your payroll?
Let us show you a better more cost effective way!

Whether they are temporary workers, interns, part-timers, retirees, or seasonal help, Staff Directs flexible EOR payrolling services allow you to eliminate HR headaches and significantly reduce costs and risk.

With Staff Direct there is a lot less to worry about and a whole lot to gain.

**Reduced administrative burdens.
**No conversion fee.
**Hard dollar cost savings. Staff Directs pricing model provides our clients with even more cost savings.

Offered Services
  • Direct deposit
  • Check signing
  • Check stuffing
  • 401(k) plan administration
  • Internet-enabled access
  • Section 125/cafeteria plan administration
  • Tax filing services
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Staff Direct, LLC
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Phone: 8137893495

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