Granite Payroll Associates

Granite Payroll Associates

Using our payroll solution is typically more efficient for a small business than processing payroll internally. Leaving payroll to experts frees up hours that you can devote to other important parts of your business. Whether it is your time, staff time, or a combination, chances are the hours could be better spent winning more business, improving customer service, fine-tuning business operations or launching a new product line. Among the areas where outsourcing will save time are:

Processing payroll
Cutting and distributing paychecks
Calculating and paying withholding and employment taxes
Preparing and distributing W-2s and 1099s at year-end
Handling employee payroll inquiries

Offered Services
  • Direct deposit
  • Check signing
  • Check stuffing
  • Tax filing services
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Granite Payroll Associates
176 Granite Street
Zip: 02169
Phone: 617-657-0057
Fax: 617-376-2600

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